Mosby's Pocket Guide to Nursing Skills & Procedures

Mosby's Pocket Guide to Nursing Skills & Procedures

Perry, Anne Griffin; Potter, Patricia A.

Elsevier - Health Sciences Division



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A Skill 1. Acapella Device Skill 2. Aquathermia and Heating Pads Skill 3. Aspiration Precautions Skill 4. Assistive Device Ambulation (Use of Crutches, Cane, and Walker) Skill 5. Automated External Defibrillator B Skill 6. Bladder Volume Measurement Skill 7. Blood Administration Skill 8. Blood Pressure by Auscultation: Upper extremities, Lower extremities, Palpation Skill 9. Blood Glucose Testing Skill 10. Blood Pressure: Automatic C Skill 11. Cardiac Monitor: Applying Skill 12. Central Venous Access Device Care: Central Venous Catheter, Ports Skill 13. Chest Tube Care Skill 14. Cold Applications Skill 15. Condom Catheter Skill 16. Continuous Passive Motion Machine Skill 17. Continuous Subcutaneous Infusion D Skill 18. Dressings: Dry and Moist-to-Dry, Skill 29. Dressings: Hydrocolloid, Hydrogel, Foam, or Alginate Skill 20. Dressings: Transparent E Skill 21. Ear Drop Administration Skill 22. Ear Irrigations Skill 23. Electrocardiogram: Obtaining a 12-Lead Skill 24. Enemas Skill 25. Enteral Nutrition via Gastrostomy or Jejunostomy Tube Skill 26. Enteral Nutrition via a Nasoenteric Feeding Tube Skill 27. Epidural Analgesia Skill 28. Eye Irrigation Skill 29. Eye Medications: Drops and Ointment F Skill 30. Fall Prevention in a Health Care Facility Skill 31. Fecal Impaction: Removing Digitally H Skill 32. Hypothermia and Hyperthermia Blankets I Skill 33. Incentive Spirometery Skill 34. Intradermal Injections Skill 35. Intramuscular Injections Skill 36. Intravenous Medications: Intermittent Infusion Sets and Mini-Infusion Pumps Skill 37. Intravenous Medications: Intravenous Bolus Skill 38. Isolation Precautions M Skill 39. Mechanical Lifts Skill 40. Metered-Dose Inhalers Skill 41. Moist Heat (Compress and Sitz Bath) Skill 42. Mouth Care: Unconscious or Debilitated Patients N Skill 43. Nail and Foot Care Skill 44. Nasoenteral Tube: Placement and Irrigation Skill 45. Nasogastric Tube for Gastric Decompression: Insertion and Removal Skill 46. Negative-Pressure Wound Therapy O Skill 47. Oral Medications Skill 48. Oral Medications: Nasogastric Tube Administration Skill 49. Ostomy Care (Pouching) Skill 50. Oxygen Therapy: Nasal Cannula, Oxygen Mask, T Tube, or Tracheostomy Collar P Skill 51. Parenteral Medication Preparation: Ampules and Vials Skill 52. Parenteral Medications: Mixing Medications in One Syringe Skill 53. Patient-Controlled Analgesia Skill 54. Peripheral Intravenous Care: Dressing Care, Discontinuation Skill 55. Peripheral Intravenous Care: Regulating Intravenous Flow Rate, Changing Tubing and Solution Skill 56. Peripheral Intravenous Insertion Skill 57. Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter Care Skill 58. Postoperative Exercises Skill 59. Pressure Bandages (Applying) Skill 60. Pressure Ulcer Risk Assessment Skill 61. Pressure Ulcer Treatment Skill 62. Pulse Oximetry R Skill 63. Rectal Suppository Insertion Skill 64. Respiration Assessment Skill 65. Restraint Application Skill 66. Restraint-Free Environment S Skill 67. Seizure Precautions Skill 68. Sequential Compression Device and Elastic Stockings Skill 69. Specialty Beds: Air-Fluidized, Air Suspension, and Rotokenetic Skill 70. Sterile Gloving Skill 71. Sterile Technique: Donning and Removing Cap, Mask, and Protective Eyewear Skill 72. Subcutaneous Injections Skill 73. Suctioning: Closed (In-line) Skill 74. Suctioning: Nasopharyngeal, Nasotracheal, and Artificial Airway Skill 75. Suprapubic Catheter Care Skill 76. Suture and Staple Removal T Skill 77. Topical Skin Applications Skill 78. Tracheostomy Care U Skill 79. Urinary Catheter Insertion Skill 80. Urinary Catheter Care and Removal Skill 81. Urinary Catheter Irrigation Skill 82. Urinary Diversion: Pouching an Incontinent Urinary Diversion V Skill 83. Vaginal Instillations Skill 84. Venipuncture: Collecting Blood Specimens and Cultures by Syringe and Vacutainer Method W Skill 85. Wound Drainage Devices: Jackson-Pratt, Hemovac Skill 86. Wound Irrigation Appendix: Overview of CDC Hand Hygiene Guidelines Bibliography
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