Studies in Natural Products Chemistry

Studies in Natural Products Chemistry


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1. Metabolic Syndrome: Preventive Effects of Dietary Flavonoids 2. An Overview of Synthetic and Semisynthetic Flavonoid Derivatives and Analogues: Perspectives in Drug Discovery 3. Therapeutic Potentials of the Most Studied Flavonoids: Highlighting Antibacterial and Antidiabetic Functionalities 4. Synthesis of N-Linked Carbaoligosaccharides: Total Synthesis of Antibiotic Validamycins and Related Compounds 5. Siderophores: Amazing Metabolites of Microorganisms 6. Sources, Chemistry and Biological Potential of Ellagitannins and Ellagic Acid Derivatives 7. Antigenotoxic Potential of Some Dietary Non-phenolic Phytochemicals 8. In Vitro Biosynthesis of Polyphenols in the Presence of Elicitors and Upregulation of Genes of the Phenylpropanoid Pathway in Plantago ovata 9. Role Phytochemicals Play in the Activation of Antioxidant Response Element (ARE) and Phase II Enzymes and Their Relation to Cancer Progression and Prevention 10. Chemical Diversification of Natural Product Extracts 11. Endophytic Actinomycetes in the Biosynthesis of Bioactive Metabolites: Chemical Diversity and the Role of Medicinal Plants 12. Lichens as a Promising Source of Unique and Functional Small Molecules for Human Health and Well-Being 13. Bee Venom Composition: From Chemistry to Biological Activity 14. Natural Products Applied to Antimicrobial Coatings
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