Thermoregulation Part I

Thermoregulation Part I

From Basic Neuroscience to Clinical Neurology

Romanovsky, Andrej A.

Elsevier Science & Technology






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SECTION I. THERMOREGULATION SYSTEM 1. The thermoregulation system and how it works SECTION II. THERMORECEPTORS 2. Peripheral thermoreceptors in innocuous temperature detection 3. Molecular basis of peripheral innocuous cold sensitivity 4. Molecular basis of peripheral innocuous warmth sensitivity 5. Peripheral and central determinants of skin wetness sensing in humans 6. Nociceptors. Thermal allodynia and thermal pain 7. Central thermoreceptors 8. Molecular Basis of Central Thermosensation SECTION III. THERMOEFFECTORS 9. Brown adipose tissue as a heat-production thermoeffector 10. Shivering and nonshivering thermogenesis in skeletal muscles 11. Skin vasoconstriction as a heat-conservation thermoeffector 12. Cutaneous active vasodilation as a heat-loss thermoeffector 13. Sweating as a heat-loss thermoeffector 14. Panting as a heat-loss thermoeffector 15. Thermal comfort SECTION IV. NEURAL PATHWAYS 16. Afferent pathways for autonomic and shivering thermoeffectors 17. Efferent neural pathways for the control of brown adipose tissue thermogenesis and shivering 18. Efferent thermoregulatory pathways regulating cutaneous blood flow and sweating 19. Central neural substrates involved in temperature discrimination, thermal pain, thermal comfort, and thermoregulatory behavior SECTION V. THERMOREGULATION AS A HOMEOSTATIC FUNCTION 20. Body temperature and sleep 21. Skin Temperature, Sleep and Vigilance 22. Thermoregulation and the ultradian basic rest-activity cycle 23. Thermoregulation and age 24. Temperature and adaptive immunity 25. Interactions between body fluid homeostasis and thermoregulation in humans 26. Obesity and Thermoregulation 27. Thermoregulation and nausea 28. Neurogenesis in the thermoregulatory system
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