Thermoregulation Part II

Thermoregulation Part II

From Basic Neuroscience to Clinical Neurology

Romanovsky, Andrej A.

Elsevier Science & Technology






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SECTION VI. Normal and abnormal body core and peripheral temperatures 29. Body temperature and clinical thermometry 30. Brain Temperature: From Physiology and Pharmacology to Neuropathology 31. Heat exhaustion 32. Heatstroke 33. Accidental hypothermia 34. Fever and hypothermia in systemic inflammation 35. Stress-induced hyperthermia and hypothermia 36. Body temperature regulation and drugs of abuse 37. Body temperature regulation and anesthesia 38. Malignant hyperthermia 39. Neuroleptic malignant syndrome and serotonin syndrome 40. Acral coldness - severely reduced blood flow to fingers and toes 41. Consequences of Perioperative Hypothermia SECTION VII. THERMOREGULATION IN NEUROLOGICAL DISEASE 42. Thermoregulatory Dysfunction in Multiple Sclerosis 43. Thermoregulation in Parkinson disease 44. Hypothermia as a risk factor for Alzheimer disease 45. Thermoregulation in epilepsy 46. Thermoregulation in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis 47. Thermoregulatory Disorders in Huntington's Disease 48. Thermoregulation in neuropathies 49. Thermoregulation in brain injury 50. Thermoregulation Following Spinal Cord Injury SECTION VIII. THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTIONS 51. Hypothermia in Acute Ischemic Stroke Therapy 52. Selective brain hypothermia 53. Therapeutic hyperthermia 54. Antipyretic therapy: Clinical pharmacology
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